Found on Floor – Reading

She pulled out the magnifier and peered intently at them.

Chapter 27, Eye of the Magpie

I came across this little darling in my Costco store, sitting quietly, engrossed in her reading. Mom was across the aisle, sock shopping. I asked and received permission to take the photo. The little girl smiled up at me and nonchalantly accepted my direction not to look at my phone but to continue reading. Both mom and daughter liked the picture but did not ask for a copy – a sign of our selfie state, we don’t need extra photos, thank you ever so much.

What tickled me about the scene was that she was happily reading, engrossed in her reading, that invisible umbilical cord between parent and child was long and slack, neither seemed concerned about where the other was. And that spoke to me that this was a normal, everyday thing for them. It was a testament of faith for me. Here was a whole new generation rising up the age ladder and this one exhibited a love of reading.

As a writer I sometimes feel I am shouting into the wind. I wonder if there is anyone out there interested in my stories. Oh, I’ve received much oral feedback that my first book was a page-turner, that the person could not put it down, that he/she loved my tale. Fleeting encouragement, happily received. Enough to keep me going and working on my second novel, as yet unnamed.

This picture will not get deleted from my phone. When the moment comes where I need inspiration to keep going (and those moments are many) then I will pull out my phone and peek at it and smile.

Yes! There are readers out there. Yes! They love stories. Perhaps even mine.

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