The NANOWRIMO Challenge

“Glenda, that is so exciting, you’ll have a whole new project on the go,” exclaimed Aimee

Chapter 58, Eye of the Magpie

Today is the first day of NaNoWriMo for 2018 and I am excited. I have been ruminating over my next novel for some time and I am ready to begin the process of laying it down.

The novel is set on Vancouver Island. Three ladies from Alberta (one is Josie, Aimee Brace’s mother from my first novel, Eye of the Magpie) are on a holiday and the excitement begins when they reach Tofino. They stop for gas at a small country station in the countryside. They are engaged in a conversation which they continue, while refuelling and buying snacks. The trouble is the fellow who is helping them thinks they are talking about him and takes umbrage. He begins to stalk them.

I find it interesting that I am starting this piece of fiction, inspired by the van attack on pedestrians that occurred in Toronto last April, on the same day that it is announced that the case against Alek Minassian will skip a preliminary hearing and head straight to trial, a trial that will take place in ten to eighteen months. The assailant was described as a member of an Incel group, something I had never heard of before. Researching material on the Incel movement is not for the feint of heart. They rail against women and women’s rights in the most graphic and hateful way. To say they are misogynistic is an understatement.

Nanowrimo demands over fifteen hundred words a day to complete successfully. Wish me luck in my endeavour.

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